​Hello Jeff and Patrick,

We so enjoyed discussing the website and marketing needs of JTO Contracting with you. We are excited about the possibility of working with you and have created the following proposal for you.

Step 1: Website Revamp

​​The current JTO Contracting website needs a few repairs. The content is solid, but the design, presentation and call to action functions could be modernized. We suggest keeping the site on the WordPress platform and adding a new design that focuses more on telling the story of what working with JTO is like. The site currently shows what a finished product looks like, but neglects to show what might have caused the owner to call JTO in the first place. Showing a few before photos could help new customers self-identify a roofing issue and call JTO to solve it.

Step 2: Create Post Card Pages

​The revamped website would also accommodate the 30+ neighborhood postcard campaign that JTO is rolling out. Similar to this page that you are on right now, A & G Marketing would create a web page for each postcard neighborhood. The page would not appear on the main menu of the site, but would showcase the same photos and text that appear in the postcard thus personalizing the experience to each postcard recipient.

​That page would be part of the overall JTO site and would allow the postcard recipient to take advantage of the postcard offer via the website.

Step 3: On-going Maintenance, SSL and Hosting 

Maintenance: ​A website is a living, breathing marketing tool. It has the ability to respond, test, monitor and change. The website could allow us to test the effectiveness of different postcard offers, to up-sell or cross-sell or simply capture data from users who are interested in what you have to offer just not at this exact moment. Ongoing maintenance allows us to keep the website and all the plugins used to create it up-to-date and keep the site secure from hackers looking to exploit any holes that out-of-date applications may cause.

SSL Certificate: The current website does not have an SSL Certificate installed and shows a "Not secure" message when visiting the site. While this message is fairly innocuous, it can have a negative effect in the Search Engine Results pages. Google has told web-masters that if all other elements are equal, the preference in the results pages will go to the site that has an SSL Certificate installed on the site. Having an SSL is an easy way to help boost search engine ranking and make your customers feel more secure about transmitting data via the website.

Hosting: You are currently hosting your website with GoDaddy. We suggest you move the website over to our hosting services. Having control of the hosting allows us to take weekly backups of the site and install the necessary plugins without having to rely on a 3rd party service.


  • ​Website Revamp - $1.950.00 
  • ​Post Card Pages - $50 per unique page 
  • ​Monthly Hosting, SSL and Maintenance - $55 per month 

Time Frame

​We anticipate the website revamp to take between 2 - 4 weeks. The individual post card pages would be a direct reflection of the post cards and would therefore require the postcards be created first. We would then take that creative and develop the pages for each neighborhood.

​Example Sites

​While the new JTO website design would be created from scratch, we understand that client's like to see that we've done this before. With over 18 years of digital marketing experience, it's safe to say this isn't our first rodeo.