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At A&G Marketing we’re passionate about helping you, our customer to amplify your brand with creative marketing solutions and personalized attention to detail.

Our company’s vision is to be recognized as the one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs.


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Our Team

A & G Marketing Group is your future forward outsourced marketing team. We help organizations drive growth with industry-leading promotional items and effective multi-dimensional marketing campaigns.
Jennifer Herrera - President -
Jennifer Herrera


Pablo Prahl - VP, Marketing and Sales - A&G Marketing Printing and Marketing Services
Pablo Prahl

VP, Marketing and Sales

Gio Montenegro - Graphic Design - A&G Maketing - printing companies near me
Gio Montenegro

Graphic Design

Andy Morales - Web Developer - A&G Marketing Promotional Companies
Andy Morales

Web Developer

Adrian Prahl

Business Development

Carol Mills

Office Manager

Randy Pritchard

Print Consultant

Andy smiling - print on demand sites

Graphic Designer

Happy lady - quality printing
Deb Mcconnell

Account Manager

Shavae Powell

Project Coordinator

Fernanda Ortiz

Project Coordinator

Nicole Gutierrez

Marketing Coordinator

Wendy Pérez

Project Coordinator

We help you to amplify your brand exposure with creative marketing solutions


Yes! You definitely can! At A&G Marketing, we have a wide range of products that adapt to your budget. Plenty of Small businesses trust us to design and bring to life their merchandise in a high-quality manner that keeps the bank intact.

Although there are better design alternatives for your business (See our article about CANVA), we can work with your design as long as it is sent in high-resolution CMYK colors with clear print bleeds. Check our CANVA article for more detailed information.

For printing services, we need the editable file you want to print. Plus, the dimensions and any additional information that gives us a clear idea of the design you have in mind. Please follow these steps to ensure a timely turnaround:

  1. Outline all fonts or include the font files.
  2. Add Bleed to all files. 0.125’’ of Bleed on all sides works for every material type. 3.
  3. Include or embed all links/images in files if necessary
  4. Make sure all art is of good quality by double-checking at full size (100%) 5.
  5. PMS or spot colors that need to be matched should be identified.
  6. Please provide an estimated due date.
  7. If working in Photoshop, files created at 100 dpi at full size are best.
  8. Please name all files with a description and scope of what files contains.
  9. Files can be sent to Please make all download file links public when sharing them.
  10. We accept the following formats:
    PSD, TIF, PDF, ESP, Ai, INDD, JPEG (If it is high resolution)

    1. We accept art via email, file-sharing sites, or USB drives.
    2. If exporting a file from InDesign as a PDF, make sure it is saved as the latest version of Acrobat.
    3. We cannot use Publisher, Quark, Corel, Word, Excel Doc, or any other file not listed above. 11. If files are created in InDesign, please submit packaged files, not just PDFs.

Do you have a great design idea you wish to bring to life but don’t know how to do it? That’s what we are here for! We can help you design any graphic piece, from printed to digital material. Our Graphic designers at A&G love to help brands like yours come to life! Contact us, and we will assist you with your graphic design needs!

A great way to promote your brand! Any printed logo you see on products like pens, t-shirts, or hats – is branded merchandise. When you reach for that pen, take a drink from that glass, light that candle, or write in that journal… you see the logo embossed on it, and you think of the interaction or the experience you had with the company that gave you the item. This is what well-branded merchandise can do for your business – it is a way to stay on the top-of-mind of your consumer.

Anything you can think of online – we can help you. A&G Marketing can connect you to an endless selection of digital media products and services, including:

  • Video Marketing
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Marketing Automation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Digital Catalogs
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Live Event Management

It depends on the type of product you are looking to produce. Small items like pens or keychains have a minimum order, but others like t-shirts do not. Check our store to see if the product you are interested in has a minimum order.

This will significantly depend on your requirement. We keep a high level of quality in all our products and services. We also wait for your approval before proceeding with the printing process. Still, we strive to fulfill your order quickly and efficiently.

Your branded merchandise should be in line with your overall marketing strategy. Smaller items like pens or caps are a good choice if you are looking for branded products to give at trade shows or events. However, if you think of gifts for your staff or clients, you will want a more significant product like speakers or power banks. Which option fits best with your brand? Contact us, and we will help you shape your branding strategy.

Our headquarters are in Lake Mary, Florida. However, we provide services for the whole United States!