About us

A & G Marketing Group Powered by Proforma ​is ​your future forward outsourced marketing team. We help organizations drive growth with industry-leading promotional items and effective multi-dimensional marketing campaigns.


The Details

There’s so much to think about when ordering a marketing service. We will sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.


We will suggest products, discuss different imprinting methods and offer other insight based on what you’re trying to achieve.

At Your Service

We will offer outstanding service personalized to you. Understanding your needs, your company culture and the nuances of your brand can make all of the difference.

It’s All About Value

We will lower your stress, by quoting all of your costs upfront and suggesting options that actually fit your budget. Don’t get burned by unexpected costs and outsized expectations.

Buying Power

It’s the single most important part of your business, so give it the respect it deserves.

We’re passionate about helping our clients amplify their brand with creative marketing solutions and personalized attention to detail.

Our Process

We Design AND Deliver Stunning Branded Gear with a Tailor-Fit Process

Our process is a blend of creative genius and industry experience. You want merchandise and print collateral that represents your brand, and we can help you find exactly the right products. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach because there are no shortcuts to greatness. Just look at how we take time to get to know our clients and brainstorm optimal solutions in order to produce products that align with your vision.

  • 1. Discovery

    A quick call can give us loads of information to kick the project off in the right direction. There are a lot of details, including the design, knitting, sustainability, performance and packaging (just to name a few). We need to get a solid grasp of who these products are for and what they are meant to accomplish. We talk to marketing managers, marketing coordinators, graphic designers and sales managers about their vision so we can make the magic happen. We want to know where your company has been and where you plan to take it. And, we’ll get a feel for your expectations on budget, timeline and other details before starting the next stage.

  • 2. Ideation

    We’ve got a little more digging to do before we can dive in. During the ideation and brainstorming phase, we prepare for a project presentation with you. First, we research crucial details about your target audience, industry and competition to make sure you stand out in exactly the right way. Then, we consider the design options, like creating special logo variation for an event. And, we dig deep so you can consider more than just the industry norm. Finally, we choose the exact products, colors and designs we think would best fit your project goals before presenting you with our thoughts.

  • 3. Development

    Once the concept, mockups, art and merchandise are approved, it’s go time. We will refine the details and outsource any resources needed for the process (like wholesalers or printers) through our professional network of contracted partners. You can approve the pre-production samples when we have mockups ready to go. We cover everything needed to finalize a successful project that brings your vision to life. Our creative team will take time to test and fine-tune everything before sending it off for production.

  • 4. Logistics

    Once we are 100% sure the project is produced to our standards and ready to go, we send it to you. During this process, our project coordinators make sure everything is delivered on time with the right decoration, sizes, styles and designs. No matter what you order, we cover the whole process from start to finish. After we are sure you are thrilled with your project, we’ll evaluate what’s next and how we can help your marketing efforts evolve with your company.

You Need Branded Merch that Stands Out. Let’s Make it Happen!



Yes! You definitely can! At A&G Marketing, we have a wide range of products that adapt to your budget. Plenty of Small businesses trust us to design and bring to life their merchandise in a high-quality manner that keeps the bank intact.

Although there are better design alternatives for your business (See our article about CANVA), we can work with your design as long as it is sent in high-resolution CMYK colors with clear print bleeds. Check our CANVA article for more detailed information.

For printing services, we need the editable file you want to print. Plus, the dimensions and any additional information that gives us a clear idea of the design you have in mind. Please follow these steps to ensure a timely turnaround:

  1. Outline all fonts or include the font files.
  2. Add Bleed to all files. 0.125’’ of Bleed on all sides works for every material type. 3.
  3. Include or embed all links/images in files if necessary
  4. Make sure all art is of good quality by double-checking at full size (100%) 5.
  5. PMS or spot colors that need to be matched should be identified.
  6. Please provide an estimated due date.
  7. If working in Photoshop, files created at 100 dpi at full size are best.
  8. Please name all files with a description and scope of what files contains.
  9. Files can be sent to orders@marketingbyproforma.com. Please make all download file links public when sharing them.
  10. We accept the f